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The triple Token

The triple token was initially created to be a plain fun and experimentation token but turned into a buffer project to manage all of my secondary projects and testing feature implementations.

Who Am I?

My name is Spyridon or Spyro for short. I am the owner of and I created the triple token to give away to members of the site through the faucet, task, and airdrop features which also allowed me to test them.

Over the last two years, I had many ideas and suggestions for features to add to H2OX and I wanted to work on all of them!
Adding all those features directly to H2OX would have caused it to be very heavy, complex, and difficult to work with. Not to mention all the possible security issues!

That's why triple turned into a buffer project to implement, test, and experiment with new features before they can finally make it into H2OX.
Features that don't make the cut usually remain active with the triple project.

The triple Distribution

The triple token is exclusively given away for free through faucets, tasks, and airdrops.
New triple enter the circulation through the reward distribution system!

Holding at least 10,000 triple in your Waves wallet will make it eligible for the weekly reward distribution.
The reward consists of a set base reward of newly distributed triple and any tokens earned by the triple projects, donations, or collected fees!